Roof 911 offers a variety of services to fit the needs of you or your property. From visual surveys of your roof or structure to a complete custom maintenance program for your building – Roof Asset Management’s multi-dimensional approach may help lengthen the life of your roof and prevent costly replacement.

Visual Surveys & Inspections

Roof 911 provides some of the most extensive survey and inspection services in the industry. Because of Roof 911′s full-time involvement in the roofing and waterproofing industry, we are able to keep current with the many advancements and new products being introduced by product manufacturers. Roof 911 utilizes CAS (computer aided specifications) in conjunction with CAD providing specifications tailored to a specific project’s needs.

Roof911′s multi-dimensional approach to building/roof surveying may consist of the following elements depending on the scope and purpose of the project:

  • Review of existing as built drawings and relevant building information
  • Field verification of existing roof geometry, including elevations and slopes
  • Visual inspection of existing deck, membrane system including flashings and all other connected or related building systems or materials
  • Investigation of reported and discovered leaks (if applicable)
  • Photo documentation of existing conditions
  • Infrared scan of subject roof area (non-destructive)
  • Make recommendations for repairs, maintenance, or re-roofing
  • Estimate(s) of probable cost(s) for repair or replacement
  • Provide bound color and digital reports to include photo documentation of existing conditions and scaled plans (if applicable)

Infrared Survey & Analysis

Periodic roof system inspections can be the most effective method of ensuring that roof systems provide the service life they are designed to provide as well as reducing roof leaks and internal disruption. The cost of infrared analysis combined with preventative maintenance compared with the cost per square foot to replace a roof or a portion of a roof proves inspection and preventative maintenance to be a wise investment.

Roof 911 utilizes inframetrics and infrared thermal imaging cameras for performing roof moisture surveys. With these cameras, our staff is able to visualize thermal anomalies within your roof system which may indicate the presence of moisture. During the survey, suspected wet areas are outlined on the roof surface with spray paint. The following day, during our comprehensive visual inspection of the roof system, a roof plan is created and roof cores are taken in both dry and suspect wet areas to verify infrared readings. Based on the final results of the survey, accurate recommendations can be made for repairs and/or replacement as needed.

Custom Roof & Property Maintenance Programs

Roof 911′s can design a custom maintenance to fit the needs of your building or syndicate of buildings. Often, a roofs life can be lengthened with proper maintenance and regular evaluation of the condition of the roof. For those roofs that cannot be appropriately kept, a new roof may be the best option for the future of your asset. Roof 911′s multi- dimensional approach to custom maintenance may consist of the following elements:

  • Evaluation & Decision Making
  • Maintenance of Roof(s) – Emergency or Major
  • Evaluation (if Major Maintenance is Required)
  • New Building/Re-Roof (If necessary)
  • Establish an Online Building Management Database