ROOF911 Now helping Colorado businesses restore their roofs following the May 8, 2017 Severe Hail Storm.
Call 1-844-91-STORM for a free damage inspection.

ROOF911 has successfully completed over $20M worth of roofing restoration
for commercial businesses in the San Antonio area since last summer

Over 1,000 Commercial Customers have relied on ROOF911 for:


Commercial roofing restoration has never been easier!


  • Roof 911 USA is a national storm restoration company that specializes in complex insurance claims and commercial roofing.
  • We have undertaken every complex roofing projects imaginable and have resoundingly exceeded all expectations.
  • Our service delivery is quickly expanding nationally. We currently have office locations in Texas, Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina



  • At Roof911 USA, we solve customer problems. We review claim settlements closely on behalf of our customers and negotiate with the insurance companies to significantly raise the initial settlement.
  • Our construction service delivery by a team of experienced engineers is certified by all major manufacturers of roofing materials and our reputation for excellence is second to none!

True Customized Construction

Roof911® is a pioneer in the roofing and construction industry with expertise in commercial and residential roof installation, and the first comprehensive roof tracking solution:

RoofLink911® which integrates inspections, claims and weather data to position our customers to win complex insurance claims, protect their investments, and reduce roofing expenditures.

Roof911 partners with a national network of roofing professionals to protect clients whenever inclement weather occurs. Proactive inspections and preventative engineering provides our clients with national storm


Why is ROOF911 an award-winning roofing restoration provider?

Roof911 Construction + Engineering is your one-step shop for commercial roofing, which expertise in storm restoration and insurance negotiation. We have over 25 years of experience in commercial roofing with over $15 million in annual sales. What sets us apart is our unique pool of talent, willing to be responsive and creative, and our passion to meet our customer’s needs.

Roof911 will revolutionize the process of monitoring, repairing and increasing property value in the commercial real estate industry. Our innovative software technology, inspection process, proactive marketing and strategy will utilize 25 years of combined experience, engineering and expertise.

ROOF911 is a powerful system in the world of building maintenance and asset protection that allows clients to realize substantial savings from storm-related damages while providing them disaster planning.

There are many reasons why ROOF911 is a leading provider of roofing solutions:

Historical inspection and weather records

  • Baseline Inspections are stored in the ROOF911 database allowing for the definitive identification of storm related damage.
  • Certified weather reports provide evidence of server weather.

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Cost savings, asset protection and financial planning

  • Allows commercial partners and real estate management firms to minimize costs and maximize investments.
  • Proactive approach mitigates subsequent damage from leaking and interior damage.
  • Climates understand the rate of engineering failure in context with historical weather records and can better optimize facility maintenance through preventive engineering.

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One contact, complete protection

  • The ROOF911 network catalogues all client facilities and others baseline Phase 1 and Phase 2 inspections.
  • Weather records are cross checked with client locations and when sever weather strikes our Clients are notified by a ROOF911 professionals.
  • Professional support ensures clients get the most from their buildings and insurance policies.

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Transparency for claims guarantees insurance accountability

  • Historical records in combination with ROOF911 professionals experienced in insurance negotiation results in winning complex claims.

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Weather tracking technology

  • We partner with multiple national storm tracking firms to get factual real-time storm data pinpointed to each roof structure you contract with ROOF911.
  • We monitor and review damages reports daily for our Clients - just login to your roof link account follow your damage reports and valid claims. Our process creates full transparency.

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Construction engineering excellence backing up the process: serving the entire USA

  • Over 1000 certified inspectors and engineers in our network.
  • Over 40 specialty crews installing commercial flat and sloped roofing structures.

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Experts in disaster restoration